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Last night, we attended a fabulous networking event in downtown San Diego. As it was winding down, a few of us girls decided to head to another event. Four women in my car, all CEOs of our own companies.
Mel Gordan, CEO of, Tanya Maslach, CEO of and Kim Walpole, CEO of
As we were laughing our asses off about "liquidity" and our "feminine wiles" I held up a couple of magazines that were in my car and said, "This sums up my life." A Victoria's Secret Catalog and a Bloomberg Businessweek. 
It got me thinking. As women in business, why do we feel like we have to be all Bloomberg and no Victoria? Who ever said women need to be anything but themselves when they run or start a business? Aren't we sexy? Aren't we smart? Aren't we sensitive? Aren't we savvy? Why do we feel that in order to be in business, we must be or act a certain way? I believe it's time we accept the fact that when we act from a place that's genuine, our businesses benefit. We put our heart and souls into what we create and it's ok if we put our personalities in too. So what if we like things to be pretty? We are damn geniuses. So what if we like to be feminine? We are damn strong. Just because we love our gadgets, doesn't mean we can't love shoes. We don't have to pick being in business over being women. We can and MUST celebrate each other for being all business and all lady. 
As women, we seriously rock. There are so many cool women-led businesses, and just like the ladies in my car - they are killing it and making no apologies for being their amazing, fabulous, hilarious, genius, womanly selves. 
Bravo ladies,



There was a time, I once stood up, removing myself from a meeting with predominately male attendees, politely and respectfully, with finesse, and said, "I do not do business with my skirt! " (innuendoes are never part of an agreement). I asked for another time to meet when their focus would be on the business. I thanked the attendees for their time, (knowing the eyes would wander), turned to leave the room and shut the door gently, never losing sight of being savvy, sexy, smart or even sensitive to their lack of sensitivity.

I didn't take another minute to think about the stupidity that presented itself, I went on to the next piece of business for the day. Yes we met again, and concluded business without perceptions and mutual respect.

I never asked myself 'aren't we... this or that...", I never spent a moment thinking why must I create or recreate to fit. Yes, I changed the strategy and put myself in the mind of another, but not my femininity or strength that God has graced me.

Ladies, this comment isn't just for the men, the women do it too. Imagine telling a co-worker (woman) "Good Morning" and in passing, you comment how much you love her "shoes"! Later you are called into your bosses office (a man) and reprimanded because you told a co-worker it is a shame she isn't a size 2! Really people! Never would I think it or say it! She had fabulous shoes on! Why is walking tall with confidence and sensitivity, or praise for others received in any other fashion than simply "Genuine."

Must we adjust the volume? Perhaps, and we do, to be successful! I truly loved the damn shoes!

Perception - the act or faculty of apprehending by means of the senses or of the mind; cognition; understanding.

When you step out into the world, you lose all your senses! Why?

Doing Business with Passion - Yes

Doing Business with Emotion - No

Great Article Ladies - lots to think about!

We do Rock!


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