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Email Marketing Software - CRM - Event Registration - Project Management           

Chic Works is your all-in-one solution!

Listen up Hot Stuff - your brilliant business needs a home base! What do we mean by home base?

A back-end, an assistant if you will, to:

• Sell products online
• Organize your projects
• Manage your contacts
• Send out your e-newsletters 
• Organize your events (and sell tickets from)
• Handle your accounting
• Create surveys
• and a myriad of other important business necessities

You might look into using BaseCamp for project management, SalesForce to manage your contacts, Constant Contact to send out your e-newsletters, Event Briteto organize your events, Survey Monkey for research, or Quickbooks for accounting.

You could sign up for all of these programs, learn how to run them all and spend a small fortune doing so - but frankly, we've got something better for're welcome. Simply use Chic Works. Do it all and manage it all in one platform. (We love having it all, don't we ladies?) Chic Works enables you to manage your small business all in one place for one low price! Here are a few of the things you can do with Chic Works:

• Contact Management with CRM
• Email and SMS marketing
• Event management and registration
• Project management
• Surveys
• Social Media management
• Online storefront management
• Complete website design
• Integrated accounting
• Web-based calendar management

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