13 May 2014 Written by ChicCEO

Time To Close The Doors?

Did that statement make your guts wrench? 
Whenever I hear someone tell me that they have to shut down their business, my stomach lurches and a lump surfaces in my throat. If they are standing in front of me, whether they like it or not, I hug them. 
It hurts.
06 May 2014 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching

4 Steps to Get Un-Stuck

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your business, you’re likely also procrastinating. When we feel inundated with our to-dos, it’s easy to stop, retreat and avoid doing anything all together. It’s similar to the person who is going to start exercising at a gym and sets a lofty goal of going 5 times a week. This person is setting himself or herself up for failure from the get-go. What tends to happen is that going 5 times a week is too much of an adjustment and becomes overwhelming. In turn, they won’t end up going at all. This is also what happens when we feel overwhelmed in our business. We spin our wheels and spend time on anything but revenue-generating activities.

The following will help you get “un-stuck” and move forward so that you can grow your business to the level you want it to be.

05 May 2014 Written by ChicCEO

Choose YOU

This is for two types of people: Those who have a business that is struggling, or those whose business is succeeding but you still feel alone inside.

Remember, if you do not have an actual business you have the business of your life. The two words are always interchangeable. If that’s you, there is a belief somewhere that is keeping you from having it all. 

Your beliefs create your world.

30 Apr 2014 Written by 8PathSolutions

The Work/Life (Family) Balance - Mixing Family with Business

Working with family can be great, but without careful planning, it can also complicate your life and your business. If you’re thinking about starting a business with family members or already running an established family owned business, there could be any number of scenarios that can blindside you if you’re not careful.

29 Apr 2014 Written by ChicCEO

Self Reliance As A Digital Entrepreneur

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With the advent of the digital economy, the most important skill set one can gain is financial self-reliance.

24 Apr 2014 Written by esyra17star
Farnoosh Torabi

When She Makes More

As an entrepreneur, you may find yourself playing the role of chief breadwinner in your family. And if you’re a female entrepreneur who makes more, you may face unique challenges supporting your business and family at the same time.

In fact according to an academic study of over 1,000 women, with a relative split between women who make more and women who make less, female breadwinners say they tend to feel more pressure to “make it all work” – from finances to career to housework.

21 Apr 2014 Written by ChicCEO
Brandon Hawk

Broke Entrepreneur: A Different Way

It seems that being an entrepreneur has become synonymous with the word "struggling." They even have support groups for spouses who are married to entrepreneurs… You have passion, yes. You have purpose, yes. You have drive, yes. BUT. You are constantly talking about how tired you are, how worn thin you are. That you barely have any money. 

It’s as if the struggle has become a badge of honor.

Here’s the truth: You’re business is not thriving because YOU are not thriving. What are you trying to prove by making it so hard? Are you trying to prove you’re worth it to yourself and everyone else? 

15 Apr 2014 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching
Hand Written Note

The Value of a Hand Written Note

In today’s day and age, communication has been completely taken over by technology. We are so inundated by email and texts that the value of receiving a note from someone in this format has lost its novelty. Do you really like receiving a birthday or thank-you note by email? Sure it’s nice to know someone is thinking about you, but isn’t it much more personal to receive a handwritten note? This came up in my mastermind meeting the other day. When someone takes the time to write and mail you a hand written note, it really means a lot more.

07 Apr 2014 Written by esyra17star
Pure Barre

Franchising with Pure Barre

We’re sure many of you have heard the Confucius quote, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.”  This sentiment resonates with Pure Barre studio owners around the country, many of whom have left high powered careers to open a Pure Barre studio... and never looked back!
04 Apr 2014 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching

What Is Stopping You?

Today and yesterday, I have been fortunate to connect with some heart-centered business owners in Marina Del Rey. The most amazing part though, is that I was in the same hotel only 4 years before for a mastermind meeting. I traveled from Canada to get there, and brought my newborn baby and Mom to help me take care of her. I was dreaming about living in California, and trying hard to make it a reality. I was willing to do whatever it took. I remember running up to the room every few hours to either pump or feed Ella.


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