31 Dec 2014 Written by ChicCEO

Bootcamp in Bali

I’m Going to BootCamp, In Bali.


29 Dec 2014 Written by ChicCEO

2015 Chic Elite Special

Ready to tackle 2015? Get the Chic Elite Program for 2015 with 2 months free!


23 Dec 2014 Written by esyra17star

Using Apps To Stay Organized and Connected

By Connie Certusi


Connie Certusi is Executive Vice President and General Manager of Small Business Solutions at Sage North America.

As a business owner, you likely wear many hats: accounting, sales, marketing, and business development, just to name a few. If you aren’t already using apps to help streamline your tasks, now is the time to start. They can help you save time and free up resources, and many are inexpensive, if not free. They’re with you on the go because they are compatible with mobile devices, letting you run your business wherever you are.

16 Dec 2014 Written by ChicCEO

Working From Home?

Technology has been a boon for thousands of business women who now telecommute with seamless connectivity. In the past decade, the advances have been incredible, and more women are working from home than ever before. Teleworking can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how it is managed. Below are some tips for optimizing efficiency while working from home.


30 Nov 2014 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching

Just Use the Good Crystal Already!

When David Neagle kicked off his Breaking Free Live Experience (BFLE), I was so happy to be a part of it! I got to go on stage to share my success and I love showing others what is possible for them :)


29 Nov 2014 Written by ChicCEO

Have You Taken The Pledge?

Sage congratulates the women who are making moves in business by believing in their numbers.

Last year, American women started over 1,200 new businesses every day. As a provider of cloud and mobile solutions, Sage wants to help these businesses flourish. Here are a few examples of how women are making moves in business:

-1,277 new Women-Owned Businesses are started every day

- Women-Owned Businesses have created over $1.4 trillion in revenue

- Women-Owned Businesses have created 274,000 new jobs since 2007

20 Nov 2014 Written by ChicCEO

Creating Your 2015 Strategy

Last week I asked you to write me a note telling me what you need in order to make next year a better year for your business. 

Dang ladies!! You got specific!!

(If you didn't email me, feel free to still send over a note telling me what could help you blow it out of the water next year.)

19 Nov 2014 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching

6 Steps to Thriving Over the Holidays

How can we have an enjoyable Christmas if we aren't coming from a positive place? If we don't take care of ourselves, especially when we're busy, we will end up feeling run down and stressed. If we take regular breaks, we will recharge our batteries, feel better and have more to give to the people we care about. This is probably the best gift you can give this holiday season.

05 Nov 2014 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching

How to Create a Killer Environment!

This is a bit of a play on words, because I’m using “killer” in the sense of create an awesome environment that is supportive of your success BUT it is also about “letting go” of what is not working.

Having a supportive environment that enables you to thrive is a HUGE part of achieving the success level you desire. Think of how much better you did as a child, when you were encouraged and shown love. Think of a plant that grows and thrives as result of being watered and cared for. It’s the same thing.

05 Nov 2014 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching

"Your Success Depends on LOVE"

Speaking at the SUCCESS Summit Dallas with Today's Innovative Woman was a wonderful opportunity.


This is one of the many wonderful opportunities that have come my way through personal growth and abundant thinking. I'm at a place in my life where everything I’ve been studying and learning through amazing books and mentors is finally making sense. I think I finally get “it” - and I'm so thankful for the lessons and the opportunities.

My take on success is that it really comes down to love. That’s right, L-O-V-E :)


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