23 Feb 2015 Written by ChicCEO

Week 6 - Ruby On The Beach Bootcamp

What a week. I saw a building collapse (that I was in), a monkey chased me, I led a team in creating a banquet app. 


Now that we are fully immersed in project work, the whole class is working overtime to get these apps pumped out in record time. The collective energy of the group is: TIRED. Even so, everyone is in great spirits and is happily beat. The energy is low, but we all still have smiles on our faces. 


18 Feb 2015 Written by ChicCEO

Always Say Yes...

Someone once told me that they live by the motto "Always say yes." She said that when she was younger, she wouldn't jump on opportunities because she didn't feel prepared or was too shy. She overcame this and started living by this motto and the most magical things started appearing in her life. 


It's also a motto I've taken to heart in life and in business. This doesn't mean that you should say yes to ridiculous or dangerous things, but it does mean that you should say yes to things that might be difficult, thrilling, challenging or intimidating. 


17 Feb 2015 Written by ChicCEO

Week 5 - Ruby On The Beach Bootcamp

So after a week off, we got back into the swing of things here at Ruby On The Beach and it’s a whole new ball game! 


Instead of class work like we did in the first 4 weeks, we’ve started project work. This means we have split into groups and actually working like a coding team. Our team was tasked with creating an auction site, which we lovingly called Fbay - the premier site for all things F. We sold items like FlameThrowers, Ferraris, Ferrets, Fedoras and more. It was a lot of fun and extremely challenging. 


31 Jan 2015 Written by ChicCEO

Week 4 - Ruby On The Beach Bootcamp

We just finished up our retrospective and our whole group can’t believe it’s already been a month since we started. The amount of knowledge we’ve packed in to our heads is absolutely staggering. One of our instructors, Trip, commented that this is the fastest he’s seen anyone learn these programs in his whole career. That’s a great feeling because we are all feeling a sense of urgency to get as much out of our short time together as possible.
28 Jan 2015 Written by ChicCEO

Make Working at Home Work for You

By Connie Certusi


Connie Certusi is Executive Vice President and General Manager of Small Business Solutions at Sage North America.


Technology has been a boon for thousands of business women who now telecommute with seamless connectivity. In the past decade, the advances have been incredible, and more women are working from home than ever before. Teleworking can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how it is managed. Below are some tips for optimizing efficiency while working from home.


26 Jan 2015 Written by ChicCEO
Chic CEO - How To Start A Business

Solution Lookin' For A Problem

This weekend as we were riding to go White Water Rafting, my 3 Ruby On The Beach instructors, Bret, Trip and Daniel, got to talking as we sat in our van winding through the rice paddies of Bali. All impressive vets of the coding world, I like to listen as they chat because of their differing perspectives and brilliant banter. 


25 Jan 2015 Written by ChicCEO

Week 3 - Ruby On The Beach Bootcamp

Week 3 of Ruby On The Beach is officially over! 


WOW. I can’t believe it’s already the end of week 3 and we are headed into Week 4. The class is structured so that we have 4 weeks of Intro and then 4 weeks of Pro with a week off in between. We started working in Rails last week and this upcoming week will have us digging in even deeper so we are ready to start project work in the next section. 


I can’t believe we’ll be working on projects now! 


18 Jan 2015 Written by ChicCEO

Week 2 - Ruby On The Beach Bootcamp

Week 2 of Ruby on the Beach - CHECK!


Ok - week 2 was rough. But in a good way. 


Have you ever had your brain so stretched, that you knew you’d never be the same? 


That was week 2. 


15 Jan 2015 Written by ChicCEO

Think INside The Box

I hate the expression “Think Outside The Box"
I just… do. It’s one of those buzz phrases that just irks me to no end. It’s like nails on a chalkboard for me - mostly because I don’t like defining our thinking and in all actuality - if we thought inside boxes, we might find we are more creative, more organized and overall, more productive. 
10 Jan 2015 Written by ChicCEO

Week 1 - Ruby On The Beach Bootcamp

OK! This isn’t so hard! (I say that today) 
Week 1 of Ruby on the Beach is now over and I’m actually feeling like I understand the material. NOW - whether I can retain and utilize the concepts later is another matter all together! As the week went on, we did a lot of repetitive work for that very reason - which was great. 


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