03 Feb 2014 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching

3 Mistakes Business Owners Make

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Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time focusing on various strategies, thinking this next “one” will be it. By just doing ______, they will fix all of their problems. This is the farthest thing from the truth. It’s not about adding in one more strategy, it’s about shifting what’s going on in the inside. When you show-up confidently and acting like the expert you are, everything will shift.

30 Jan 2014 Written by Courtney L. Teague

Value Your Time. Stop Giving It Away!

"Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away."
27 Jan 2014 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching

What Is Your Big Number?

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I’ve enjoyed working with some amazing clients this week who have been manifesting new opportunities at a rapid pace! What I have found that is imperative in working with them, is the need to know their big number. Without this, it’s hard to have any direction, let alone a plan for getting there. This causes frustration, anger and overwhelm.

27 Jan 2014 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching

6 Steps to Believing in Your Worth!

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Tip #1:

Confidence isn’t something that you acquire. You can step into it instantly. Decide what confidence means to you, and actually step forward into it. While standing in that place, embody all of the feelings involved when you are confident and at your best. From there it’s about owning it, and feeling it every single day. Make the decision to do it now.
Tip #2: Know that we are all equal. No one person is better than the other regardless of his or her experience, skill set or mindset. We all come from the same place and are connected. Be yourself and speak-up. The world is waiting to hear you! We are all fabulous and have unique gifts to share with the world. Let is shine!!
24 Jan 2014 Written by RefWriter

Don't Let the Labels Hold you Back

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15 Jan 2014 Written by maryellent

Resolutions Are Sabotage in Disguise

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This year I am going to lose weight. 

This year I am going to start my own business. 

This year I am going to learn how to speak Italian. 

This year I am going to go to the gym. 

This year I am . . . 


And the list goes on and on and on! 

How many times have you heard it? How many times have you said it? 

Millions and millions of people will make New Year’s resolutions this year. And 99.9% of them will either fail or just stop doing what the vowed to do by the end of January. That’s right most will not even make through the month! 

The reason most people fail is because they have not gone through the internal process first. They have not looked inside themselves to see what is really holding them back. And if you do not look inside, you are sabotaging yourself. 

Resolutions are sabotage in disguise! 

14 Jan 2014 Written by 8PathSolutions

Tips for Keeping Your New Years Resolutions: The Business Edition

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WIth the start of the new year, there seem to be an endless number of articles and blog posts related ot new years resolutions. Many state that new years resolutions can make your business a success in a myriad of different ways and just as many seem to warn you not to waste your time. Regardless of whether or not you believe in making new years resolutions, the new year is the perfect time to get your business on track and start the year off on the right foot.

Resolutions are generally goal oriented and focus your attention on the end result. In 2014, consider taking the opposite approach. Rather than creating a list of where you want to be at the end of the year, take inventory of how you are starting the year. You can start by tying up loose ends from 2013, such as bills that still need to be paid, or taking care of something you put off all of last year. This can be a simple task, such as filing the stack of papers on your desk, a complex task, such as finally taking the time to learn about Obamacare, or anything in between, such as registering every device you bought for the office over the course of last year.

Here are some other ideas to get you started so you can find your own ingenious way to start fresh in 2014.

09 Jan 2014 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching

STOP Giving Away The Farm!

I’ve learned that as women we love to give. We want to help people and this comes naturally to a lot of us. Let’s face it; it’s a lot harder than receiving. As entrepreneurs and business owners, this shows up with potential customers and clients. We tend to want to over-serve, and do whatever is necessary to provide guidance and assistance, regardless of how much time it takes us. This shows up in the form of not having a contract signed, letting someone continue when they can’t make a payment and even having lengthy sales conversations.
03 Jan 2014 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching

How to Create Powerful Momentum by Giving Thanks

I’ve been a big believer in having a regular practice of gratitude for awhile now, but it’s even more in the forefront of my mind these days. So far, 2013 has been a wonderful year that has allowed me to step into new opportunities. This week I’m feeling thankful for the opportunity to serve as an expert at David Neagle’s Break Through Live Experience.
I’m also really thankful for the life I’ve created with my husband. Sure, we have ups and downs like anyone else, but we are truly fortunate. We are in good health, have amazing children and have been able to make some pretty big dreams come true! I’m thankful for the evolution of my business too, which would not be possible without you! Thank you for allowing me into your life as a teacher and enabling me to learn from you too. I am blessed to be able to work with such amazing people! I am sending you huge heartfelt thanks :)
This week I share a few tips on how being grateful can actually benefit your bottom line. Read on to learn how.
03 Jan 2014 Written by Sukpreet

How Studying Abroad Made Me Richer

As a consumer based, capitalistic society, we, Americans are in love with success and all of the things that lead us up to it: religiously checking off to-do lists, staying laser focused, keeping our eyes on our goals, and averted from the rest of the world and all its distractions. Studying abroad for five months was the best thing that happened to me before I got trapped into America's web of 9-5's, home to work, work to home lifestyle. I have always been proud of my insane ability to focus on projects whether they are school related or extracurricular.


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