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12 Sep 2013 Written by natalie In

Perfecting the Work/Life Balance

Utilizing Peak Performance Techniques

So far during Professional Wellness month, we’ve explored the importance of the mind-body connection and investing in employee satisfaction. We’ve addressed that wellness is about balance. When we are balanced, we feel content. Stress is manageable, and we are able to accomplish our tasks at work with ease and grace as well as enjoy relaxation at home. Today we’ll be exploring how to utilize Dr. Roy Sugarman’s peak performance techniques to perfect the work-life balance.

12 Sep 2013 Written by natalie In

Encouraging Competition Through Collaboration

Competition and collaboration are two seemingly incompatible terms. Competition implies a clear divide— a winner and a loser, while collaboration requires everyone to work together. As leaders, how can we encourage healthy competition and collaboration in the workplace simultaneously?

Chances are if you have a strong team, you’ll have those few members who are deeply competitive. They exist in all organizations— the go-getters who always strive to be number one. Everything is a competition; taking the stairs, turning in reports, sales. But sometimes that competitive spirit can foster deep wounds among the team. How can you help build a trusting and resilient team who can achieve great results?

12 Sep 2013 Written by natalie In

The Rhythm of Communication

In music, we have tonality and we have rhythm. These two elements combine to together communicate emotion. When one element doesn’t complement the other, sometimes the emotion that we’re aiming to convey is lost. For example, if you hear an upbeat rhythm that makes your body want to dance, but the accompanying melody is in a minor key, it can feel uneasy and angry. But change the chords to something major, and suddenly the song feels like an upbeat anthem. It’s a subtle difference, but it changes the entire tone.

Now translate same concept that to your own communication. Imagine your words as the rhythm and your body language as the tonality. Have you ever met someone who gave you a compliment while sitting with their arms crossed not making eye contact with you? I’ll bet it felt insincere, right? That’s because the two major methods of communication were not in alignment.

12 Sep 2013 Written by natalie In

The Rhythm of Connection

Here at Drum Cafe West, we understand that there are a variety of reasons organizations turn to us to help them unify and align the individuals within. In some cases, there are communication issues; in others, there may be concerns surrounding diversity. Through our experiences, we’ve developed several different programs to serve each individual organization’s corporate team building needs through drumming. Today, we’re talking about finding the rhythm of connection.


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