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01 Sep 2013 Written by ProductWhore In

Calling All Makeup and Cosmetics Entrepreneur

Guest Post by Leyna Juliet Weber, Chief Product Whore
My husband, Jeff, married a product whore. The news didn't just sneak up on him.  There was full disclosure before we tied the knot. When I started spending the night, I think I had a drawer before I had a key.  Actually, it was like this… 
Him:  Babe, I cleared out a few drawers so you'd be comfortable to stay over more. 
Me:  Aww… I'll see if I can make that happen schedule-wise. (Sound of neck craning around to the bathroom) Huh. Ohhh. Mmm.
Him:  What? You need more space?
Me:  Yes.  Most definitely. Specifically in the bathroom.


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