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02 Oct 2013 Written by casselin In

Channeling Diane Sawyer & Other Tips On Public Speaking And Effective Communication

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When I am not blogging, or lawyering, I am the Co-President of the UCLA Amuni Association, Los Angeles Westside Network. I really love the university for a lot of reasons, and I enjoy being able to give back to it, and my alumni community. Although it’s a volunteer position, it has become somewhat of a second job for me. The lessons I’ve learned have been a true education in leadership for which I am really grateful.
18 Sep 2013 Written by casselin In

Stress Fractures & A Bruised Ego

Thought Leader Blog Post

Last week, I started to write my first Chic CEO blog post about the connection between leadership and long distance running.  I have been training for a half-marathon for 8 weeks now and I see so many parallels between running and succeeding in business.  A lot of successful business leaders are long distance runners.  There is an undeniable connection between delayed gratification, hard work, focus and long-term success.

Well, I have news.  It pains me to say that I just decided to postpone the half-marathon.  So, there goes that post!  I was inspired to write about this decision anyway because the parallel is still there. I’m just not at the end of the road yet.


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