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03 Mar 2014 Written by KB In

Women, Career Desire and Unnecessary Sacrifice

Diversity and Inclusivity were certainly words high on the agenda in 2013 and over the course of the year I was involved in many conversations that looked at barriers for young professional women.

My observations from these conversations with industry bodies, board members, young professional women and organisations focusing on gender diversity are that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Consistently over the year I posed the questions: “Is it that young women can’t pursue more senior career opportunities i.e. don’t have the skills, experience or opportunities? Or is it that they don’t have the desire to do so?”

To date, most gender diversity initiatives have focused on the first of these two questions by implementing training and development programs, mentor relationships and internal working groups aimed at removing roadblocks. Few have focused on the very important matter of desire.

Personally, I recall a time early in my finance career when the question of desire surfaced. For me – in the corporate landscape within which I was working – staying in or aspiring to reach greater heights in my career was never a question of skill. I had to really want to achieve and desire career growth in my chosen field, aside from the necessary skills I’d have to acquire along the way. This was a sentiment that was also shared by many of my female colleagues and one that, from what I keep hearing, is strongly held by young professional women in the workforce in 2014.

15 Oct 2013 Written by KB In

Developing Leaders Requires Content That Rises Above

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Too much information, too much noise is not good for productivity or developing leaders. And for learning professionals, the task of getting the right information and knowledge to the corporate leaders amidst the cacophony of news and inputs makes the task even more daunting.

Our research* completed earlier this year revealed that as much as 80% of people are struggling to ‘fit’ everything into the working week which now extends well beyond the old 9-5, Monday through Friday period. Many (55%) are distracted frequently throughout the work-day with more than half unable to disregard these distractions and get on with the job.

03 Sep 2013 Written by KB In

The ‘Golden Ticket’ to Improving Productivity

Thought Leader Blog Post

Workplace Flexibility: The ‘Golden Ticket’ to Improving Productivity and Engagement

Researchers Brian Carney and Isaac Getz claim that the single most important corporate move in the last two decades that is quietly transforming a number of businesses is complete freedom for employees. How does this translate in the workplace? Both globally and locally, workplace flexibility is consistently sighted as one of the top three drivers of employee engagement.

27 Aug 2013 Written by KB In

12 Ways to Manage Your E "Monster"

Thought Leader Blog Post

Over the last few months we have been sharing our research on Workplace Productivity with numerous stakeholder groups. Without fail, the subject that consistently gets the most focus and subsequent discussion by all groups is the use of email and the impact it has on workplace productivity.

20 Aug 2013 Written by KB In

Employee Engagement By Design Not Default

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One of the things I love most about consulting in the employee engagement space is the opportunity to see the diverse approaches that organisations take regarding the performance of their people and business strategy. Over time, I have come to see that there is a common lifecycle that organisations progress through as employee engagement evolves as part of the leadership philosophy within the culture of the organisation. Below are few observations about organisations at the each end of the lifecyle.

07 Aug 2013 Written by KB In

Is Multitasking your Default?

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Multitasking is great, and there’s every reason for you to encourage your employees to multitask, right? Wrong! Multitasking is, in fact, turning into one of the worst habits of most people, and this is backed up by several studies. Recent research*, however, has demonstrated that that switching from one task to the next takes a serious toll on productivity.

30 Jul 2013 Written by KB In

Why Emails are as Tempting as Marshmallows

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Distraction via email is the prime culprit of low productivity in the workplace. Our recent research* into distraction led us to explore why emails are a temptation too hard to resist. You may be familiar with the famous ‘marshmallow experiment’ which was a series of studies on delayed gratification in the late 1960s and early 1970s; four-year-olds were given a marshmallow, but told that if they waited seven or eight minutes, they could have two marshmallows – not just the one.


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