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SKU: CorpSpon-LA350

Corporate Sponsorship:

• 1 Dedicated Email to our 60k subscribers –  ($2,500 value)

• Link on our weekly newsletter to our 60k subscribers – 52 weeks ($3,000 value)

• Blog post spotlight ($1,200 value)

• 52 posts, 1 per week per social media channel. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+. 208 posts total. ($1,250 Value)

• 350 x 200 ad on content pages on ($4,200 value)

Rate: $350/month
*Prepayment is required on all advertisement invoices. Term of live space: seven days after payment and live for 365 on the Chic CEO website.
Your Chic CEO representative: Leeanne Antonio,, 619-957-0637.
1. Files can be in pdf or jpg format.
2. If the artwork supplied is different from the specifications listed in the contract signed by the advertiser, additional charges will apply to make the artwork comply with the contract specifications.
3. Ads can be emailed directly to


1. CHIC CEO, Inc reserves the right to review and reject any advertisement submitted for publication to
its website.
2. CHIC CEO, Inc does not guarantee any given level of circulation for an advertisement.
3. Advertisers and their agents assume full liability for all content of advertisements published on its website. The advertiser assumes responsibility for any claims made against CHIC CEO or arising there from. Advertiser agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold CHIC CEO, Inc harmless from any and all liability of such advertisements.
4. Cancellations, changes, or corrections must conform to published deadlines and will not be accepted unless presented in writing and signed by both parties. No cancellation of contracted space will be deemed valid unless received in writing by CHIC CEO, Inc at least 30 days prior to the space closing date. Failure to comply with this condition will result in the advertiser being billed accordingly. CHIC CEO, Inc will, at its discretion, either repeat a previous advertisement or publish nothing.
5. No conditions printed or otherwise appearing on the space order, billing instructions, or copy instructions which conflict with CHIC CEO stated policies will be binding on CHIC CEO.
6. The advertiser warrants that the representative executing the contract has the legal authority to create a binding agreement with CHIC CEO.
8. Prepayment is required for all advertisement invoices. Any invoice for an advertisement that is not paid prior to the first of the month in which advertisement is to commence will not be published to CHIC CEO, Inc's website. Payment terms are net 30 days from date of invoice for Annual Contracts. Any unpaid balance over 30 days on invoices for Annual Contracts will be charged an additional 1.5% per month.
9. CHIC CEO, Inc reserves the right to change or modify the policies, terms, and rates set forth herein at any time.
10. CHIC CEO, Inc does not render commissions to advertising agencies.

NOTE: This is a legally binding contract. In purchasing this space, the advertiser and ad agency agree to abide by all of the contract terms and conditions as noted on this document and warrants that the representative executing the contract has the legal authority to create a binding agreement with CHIC CEO, Inc. CHIC CEO, Inc reserves the right to review and reject any advertisement submitted for publication to CHIC CEO, Inc's website.

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Price: $350.00

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