Welcome To Our New Corporate Sponsor - Kabbage!

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We are so excited to announce, Kabbage, as one of Chic CEO's newest Corporate Sponsors. 

Kabbage provides a flexible business line of credit when you need it. Draw against your line as often as once a day for anything you need to grow. Banks take weeks to decide if you qualify. Kabbage delivers funds in as few as 7 minutes.

YES - 7 minutes. 

Getting capital, or finding an investor can be difficult and time consuming and sometimes you just need to a few thousand dollars to get you over the hump. You might need to purchase a bit of inventory or hire someone to run an event.  Kabbage is your bridge when you need a simple line of credit to get you through payroll, fulfill that PO, or order a new piece of equipment. Funds are deposited right into your Paypal account within minutes for you to access. 

We are so excited that Kabbage is a partner of ours, as they are an amazing resource for female entrepreneurs (helping over 10,000 of them so far, by the way!) 

See how much you qualify for right now!




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