5 Free Resources I'm Thankful For

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It's the holidays!! Most people roll their eyes when we get to this time of the year (and find out I've been listening to Christmas music since July) but I love it. It's pure magic for me - people are friendlier, everything is sparklier, and... family. ;) 

Since we are heading in to Thanksgiving - I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite free resources for your business. Tis the season for sharing! 

1. FollowUpThen.com - one of my productivity ninja hacks. FollowUpThen is an email reminder service that let's you get as specific as you want so you can set it and forget it. Here's how I use it: 

Say I contact a sponsor or someone in the media about a pitch. They say "Follow up with me in 4 months - we'll be taking requests then." Cool. I reply "Will do!" to them and in the bcc field, I add 4months@followupthen.com and in exactly four months, that whole email chain will be emailed back to me so I can not only follow up, but remember what we talked about. You can email 1minute@followupthen.com, 1year@followupthen.com, april15@followupthen.com, etc. etc. You get the idea. 


2. Canva.com - it's highly unlikely that you've never heard of Canva. It's pretty fantastic. It allows you to create great little graphics for almost anything. They've cleverly sized most things for you too. Facebook covers and ads, Twitter headers, Pinterest images, etc. It's a great tool, it's free and it's fun. 


3. ProductHunt.com - A daily email digest of all things COOL. From software to gadgets, ProductHunt brings you the newest and coolest stuff from around the Interwebs. I love it and look forward to digging in to their daily showing. It keeps me in the loop so I don't feel like dork in the dark. 


4. GeniusScan - Iphone/Android app. Ever needed to scan something? You can take a pic of it with your smartphone and it turns it in to a scan. Email it where it needs to go - done. Seriously the simplest thing in the world and always handy!


5. Unsplash.com - Beautiful hi-res photography that is free and you can use it anywhere. I know, right?! No royalties, no restrictions. Great for background images, pull one in to Canva and off you go. Such a wonderful resource and a great way to get beautiful images when you are on a tight budget. 





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