4 Reasons

14 May 2014

4 Reasons

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It's a list! Everyone loves a list...
The 4 Reasons You Should Join the Chic Elite Program:
First though, I got this email this morning and wanted to share:

"Good morning Stephanie! I just wanted to let you know how much the Chic Elite program has helped me. Even after just the first training, I feel like I'm more prepared.  I am a few weeks out from the launch of my online mentoring site for women." -Mackenzie Molinari

1. Because I've fallen flat on my face, and you're too pretty for that. 
I've fallen, skinned knees and knocked out teeth learning the hard lessons it takes to gain traction and momentum in your business. Sister, you don't have time to stumble right now. You have to get to work - you have to see results. Let me show you what we've done in Chic CEO to move the needle, live vicariously through my stumbles. For $49 a month (you spent that on brunch last weekend - don't lie) you can accelerate your growth. Don't waste time and money trying things out - let me show you what works.
2. Because you'll get the specific, actionable, step-by-step information you need to grow. 
Ok - so that sounds super boring and you've probably read that somewhere before. But I'd like you to read that again. (done? ok.) Getting specific how-to info is a lot harder than you think. Think back to some of the books or webinars you've tried to glean info on how to start a business from. I sat on a webinar the other day and 45 minutes into it, he was still talking about himself. Why was I even there? What the hell did I learn while sitting on this webinar?!? Certainly nothing that could benefit my business.
If you look at any of the how-to info on the Chic CEO website, you'll see - we give you the step-by-step info you are looking for. The Chic Elite Program goes even deeper into a topic to help you develop the skills you need to grow. Grow your users, grow your revenue, grow your confidence. 
3. Because you are too vivacious for a cubicle. 
You have unique value and talents to give to this world and you can't be hiding in a cubicle working on someone else's dream! That's not you!! Being your own boss is calling to you and you owe it to yourself and your business to invest in it and yourself. Committing to your learning is the only way you'll move rapidly toward your goals. 
4. Free lifetime access to the Download Center! 
Looking for templates and samples? Awesome, the Download Center is where it's at! Get what you need and anything new we add. Woop woop!
Let's do this, sister - I want to see you be wildly successful. Why? Because that yacht goes perfect with your eyes. 


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